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Magic Munich Blog: Fashion on Sendlinger Tor

You probably already know, that I’m a coat enthusiast and I own 10 coats. For me, it’s a perfect option for winter – if you layer it in the right way, you’ll never get cold. I’m not a big fan of down jackets, although I own a few. I wear them only in certain situations, like hiking, but in day-to-day life I prefer coats.

So in this post I wanted to mention (again) a different variant of coats – a vest coat. This one by Max&Co was already featured in my blog a year or two ago.

A vest coat has a big advantage for petite girls like me – if you combine it in the right way, you can visually make yourself look taller than you are.

In this look I opted for wearing a long knit dress with heeled overknee boots. I also left the vest coat open to create a vertical line, with creating an accent on the waist with the belt. The vertical line makes the figure look optically longer and the waist belt create the right proportions. Choosing ankle boots would be a mistake in this case, as they would create an unnessessary horizotal line in the feet area, so it’s better to go for any high boots like the overknees.

And that’s that – a warm and stylish look for the winter.

Magic Munich Blog Max&Co vest coat and Zara Midi dress
Magic Munich Blog Max & Co vest coat and Zara knitted white dress
Magic Munich Blog vest coat and Zara Midi white dress with Michael Kors belt
MagicMunich Blog Loeffler Randall Katalina Bag and Max & Co Sleeveless coat
MagicMunich Blog Loeffler Randall Katalina Bag and Zara white knit dress with Michael Kors Belt
Magic Munich Blog Max and Co sleeveless coat and Loeffler Randall Katalina Bag
White Zara knitted dress wih Mango overknee boots and Loeffler Randall Bag in Magic Munich Blog

Photography: windmaksiufung

Outfit Details:

Vest Coat: Max&Co (as already seen here)

Dress: Zara – fleamarket

Overknee Boots: Mango – ebay

Belt: Michael Kors

Purse: Loeffler Randall (as already seen here and here)

Gloves: Roeckl

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