Color of love, color of hate

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It’s easy to guess what my favorite colors are: red – the color of love, and black – the color of hate. I love pairing these colors, as red is the new black, you know šŸ™‚ Well, this post is actually not about the colors šŸ™‚

This post about the urge to put a belt to any dress. Believe me, I’ve been there. I would put a thin belt, or not even thin to any dress, just to show that I have a waist.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong about highlighting your waist – you are showing your human body proportions. In other cases I would support this decision, but there are some particular dresses that just look better without a belt.

Look at this dress – it would be a perfect candidate for a belt. It’s a straight black dress, it’s not waisted. The dress alone would be fine with the belt. But we should think holistic.

You see, the outfit contains horizontal lines. The collar line, the dress fringe line, the shoe strap line. Mind also the jacket fringe line. Adding another line the waist/belt line to it would make the outfit “too much”. Believe me. There will be something that seems wrong, but you couldn’t explain what. Now you know šŸ™‚ Picture this: I would put on another pair of shoes, let’s say some strapless pumps. Then the belt would be perfectly fine.

So the next time you put a belt on, keep in mind the horizontal lines in your outfit. You’re welcome šŸ™‚

Photography: windmaksiufung

Outfit Details:

Dress: Claudie Pierlot – ebay

Jacket: Harris Wharf London

Shoes: Azzedine Alaia – ebay (as seen here)

Purse: Hugo Boss (as seen here)

Earrings: fleamarket

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