How to wear a tutu dress

How to wear a tutu dress

As I bought this Tutu dress, i had no idea, how I should wear it.

Is it something for a city walk? For cocktail evening? Or maybe you could wear it at the beach?

Neither of this seemed to be an appropriate option for me. So every time I opened my closet I was just skipping it and choosing another dress. But then I got an idea. I tried it with my Moschino belt and my favourite Zara high heels.

And voila! This strange tutu dress became a fashion outfit, just by adding some details.

This made me think, that all the accesssories we wear – they are very important, as they can completely change the whole look. Think about it next time you are wondering, how to wear some piece of clothes, you’re not sure about.


Outfit Details:

Tutu Dress: no name – fleamarket

High Heels: Zara – ebay

Belt: Moschino

Necklace: Topshop

Sunglasses: Max&Co


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