Bye bye Winter

Glamour total black look The winter is almost gone, so I’m saying goodbye to it with this glamour total black outfit. Well, not exactly total black. This is a secret to make a total color outfit more interesting – add some small details of other color. In my case that were earrings, shoes, nails and […]

How to wear Maxi dresses and Maxi Skirts

There are two rules about wearing maxi dresses and maxi skirts: Wear them with flats Wear them with wedges This requires two different length of dress/skirt. Shorter ones should you wear with flats, longer ones with wedges. This rule has only one exception: you can wear high heels with a long evening gown. Generally the length […]

Business Style Outfit

This is one of my outfits i wore to the office last week. This is not a classical severe business outfit, more casual, but still an understated and stylish look. Этот аутфит я надевала в офис на прошлой неделе. Это не классический строгий бизнесс аутфит, более кежуал, но тем не менее сдержанный и стильный лук.   Outfit […]