The most important post about style

Last week i saw some pictures of Bella Hadid at Cannes Film Festival. На прошлой неделе я увидела фотографии Беллы Хадид на Каннском Фестивале. Actually she could come there with no makeup / hairdo, because no one was looking at her face. Her dress is waaaay too much.  In this dress she is not a personality any more, […]

Fashion Crime: Britney Spears at Teen Choice Awards 2015

 Fashion Crime: Britney Spears at Teen Choice Awards 2015 Модное преступление: Бритни Спирс на  Teen Choice Awards 2015 Britney appeared at the Teen Choice Awards 2015 in a very inappropriate dress. I mean, this is an event for children and Britney looks like a stripper. I can definitly see her tits! And almost other parts […]

Fashion NoGo’s: January Jones

Fashion NoGo’s: January Jones Модные НоуГоу: Дженьюари Джонс I can’t explain, why would January put all this things on together.   Firtst – jeans. This kind of jeans will make none look beautiful.They are too high waist (like mom’s jeans) and the cut looks like she did it by herself. This jeans plus this shoes […]

Fashion NoGo’s: Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion NoGo’s: Sarah Jessica Parker Модные НоуГоу: Сара Джессика Паркер I guess, SJP didn’t look into the mirror, as she chose her outfit. Cause it’s very very bad. Похоже, Сара Джессика Паркер не смотрела в зеркало, когда выбирала свой аутфит. First of all: her stirrup pants. If you have something like this, please, throw it […]

Fashion NoGo’s: Colored Tights

Fashion NoGo’s: Colored Tights Модные НоуГоу: цветные колготки Okay, let’s talk about tights generally. Давайте поговорим о колготках. The only two colors you should wear are black and matte nude. The one and only way to wear colored tights – if they are the same color as your shoes. Otherwise you will just look like […]