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Most people wear black coats or jackets in winter. You probably have one too! Well, let’s agree: it’s practical. There is more rain, snow, and slush around us in the cold time of the year, so it’s logical to wear something black.

I’m not an exception here – I have three black winter coats. The one, that you see in this post is one of my favorites – an oldie but goldie from Zara. I love it for the classical 50s style cut – feminine new look.

So the question is: how to style your black coat in a pretty way? The most obvious decision is to use a scarf. It’s not only a stylish move, but it also keeps you warm. Choose a scarf in a classic pastel color or in some bright colors to make your outfit more interesting. Avoid dark tones, as your coat is already dark. My scarf here is a Brunello Cucinelli cashmere scarf in a sky-blue hue.

The not-obvious decision would be to wear a brooch. How stylish is that? Not many ladies use this accessory to level up their winter coat look. Wearing a brooch on a coat immediately gives you 100 extra points in elegance and style! However, this combination would require you to wear a strictly elegant classical outfit.

So now you know how to add some pepper to your boring winter coat. Come to think of it, the coat should not be always black. But more about this you will find in the next post. Stay tuned…

Magic munich blog: black zara winter coat
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Magic Munich Blog: Chanel brooch and brunello cuccinelli scarf
Magic Munich Blog: Brunello Cucinelli scarf and Chanel brooch
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Magic Munich Blog: black Zara coat in New look 50s style

Photography: muc_tfp_deifi

Outfit Details:

Coat: Zara – fleamarket

Scarf: Brunello Cucinelli – fleamarket

Purse: Coach (already seen here and here)

Booties: Esprit – ebay

Brooch: Chanel – ebay

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