Fashion trends vs. Style

Magic Munich Blog - green Maje dress

I love this green Maje dress! The outfit looks glamourous and elegant. But I could have done it more trendy if I would substitute the shoes to sneakers and the small elegant clutch to some huge shapeless bag. Yikes.

You know, I’m not so fond of modern fashion and trends. Fashion is like art – every new couple of seasons designer tell you “everything that we’ve done before is wrong, here is a new way”.

They need to create something new, something we haven’t worn before. New shapes, new combinations, new silhouettes. But you know what? Everything, that can be flattering for your figure, was already created in the 20th century. The perfect proportions and basic cuts were already created a long time ago. For example, the accent on the waist, or the basic rule of wearing elegant shoes with a dress.

So why do designers try to offer us something new? Well, they need to sell. They need to show, that they are creative. They offer you new ideas for combining stuff – something, that was unthinkable before. For example, the current trend for wearing big “dad’s sandals” with a tender mini-dress. Does this ring a bell? There was a similar trend for big platform shoes at the beginning of the 2000s. Now, the photos from that time in huge shoes look funny. What happened to that trend? It didn’t hold long as exaggerating of feet size doesn’t look natural.

There are certain silhouettes and cuts, that would always look good and flattering, and they all come from the 20th century. So it’s important to invest in classical cuts and not to spend money on the temporary trends.

It is much better to be stylish, than to be fashionable.

Photography: windmaksiufung

Outfit Details:

Dress: Maje

Heels: Patrizia Dini

Clutch: Diane von Furstenberg

Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana

Earrings: Marni for H&M

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