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Let me introduce it to you… my modern 80s look!

As you know, the 80s had quite extravagant fashion. My main task for this outfit was to create a modern 80s look, that would be wearable nowadays. With some typical 80s elements, but not over the top.

Knowing the fashion of that time – well, that was not an easy task. The main element of the outfit is this hairy huge cardigan. As I bought it, I’ve already pictured myself wearing it to an Aerosmith concert or something like that. That would be perfect and I’m sure, Steven Tyler would be fond of it 🙂

As other 80s details, I’ve added the overknee boots with buttons, which would totally be a choice of a girl at that time. And a baker boy hat – in the 80s it did a big come-back as a fashion trend, coming straight from the 60s.

To make the whole outfit not that kind of total 80s, I added some color-neutral clothes, like a black shirt and grey jeans.

The last detail – the mini-purse- only had one function – to add a drop of elegance to the look. To avoid “lady looks like a dude”, if you know what I mean 😉

Let me know what you think about my modern 80s look!

Outfit Details:

Jacket – QED London

Top – Asos – ebay

Jeans – Asos – fleamarket

Purse – Forever 21 – fleamarket

Baker Boy hat – Zara

Necklace – Tiffany’s

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