White is the color of summer

Have you ever noticed, white color is mostly worn at summer?

I’m following that rule too, unconsciously. In winter there is rain and snow, so you can get your clothes dirty quite easily. That’s why everybody chooses dark colors in winter and light colors in summer.

This time i chose a Guess pencil skirt with a floral print and a crochet-look blouse from Banana Republic. The beautiful accessories give some pump to the outfit – it doesn’t look too boring any more.









Outfit Details:

Blouse: Banana Republic – ebay

Skirt: Guess – ebay

High Heels: Zara – fleamarket

Clutch: Zara – fleamarket

Earrings: fleamarket


3 Replies to “White is the color of summer”

  1. Looking at this outfit makes me wish it would be summer all year long. Perfect! I like the combination of the colors a lot. Heels and acessories match very good. Although I think that wearing light colors in summer is also because of the sunlight. Which is bright and white. This matches light colors.
    I like to spend my summer vacation on the Greek islands. Here all you see is the white light of the sun. So wearing white is very popular. You can also see the blue of the sky and the sea. Of course 🙂
    The rare and also much weak sunlight of the winter matches dark colors.
    Anyways, elegant and sexy. Just what I like. Anastasia, you really did a great job.

  2. Hallo Anastasia!
    Warum löschst du freundliche Blog Kommentare?

    1. Hallo Mona, ich habe noch nie einen Kommentar gelöscht 🙂 Vielleicht ist etwas bei der Kommentarabgabe schief gelaufen? Lg

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